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Dongguan Ketian Smart Card Technology CO.,Ltd. was established in 2000 the company registered the name Tian Plastic Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch, 2013 Town, Dongguan City
Credit Card Products: dumb white PVC chip, contactless card materials, no film, with film. Matte white PVC chip which can be ordered with the following specifications
ISO9000: 2018 Quality management, coordination and activities of the command and control organization in terms of quality.
At present, the company's after-sales service department and operation centers, offices, brand stores and distribution points throughout the country provide meticulous services to customers everywhere.
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We sincerely hope to make more friends clients and colleagues to our pragmatic, honest and mutual benefit we bring market opportunities. We sincerely welcome customers to call us, and hope that you work together to create a win-win!
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